We Make Spaces Sound as Good as they Look

Acoustics design, supply, and installation.

Specialists in Delivering Acoustical Solutions for Commercial Facilities.

Alberta-based, servicing Interior British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Harnessing the laws of physics, Resolve delivers science-based solutions, not LAR (looks-about-right) technology – a method of simply selling product without proper design.

Our solution-focused approach to your project meets – or exceeds! – your unique requirements. In this, you know that we’re not risking over-, or under-, treating a room, which affects your project bottom line!

Custom solutions are what we do.

Resolving sound issues must be one of your highest priorities if your space is for people. The acoustics of a space impact how the human mind and body respond to their surroundings. Poor acoustic design results in discomfort, stress, and the inability to communicate. Your room’s acoustic fingerprint must match its overall function.

Resolve’s mission is to make your room acoustically work for you. Merging acoustical treatment elements with architectural design aligns what we see with what we hear.

We make spaces sound
as good as they look.

“…it was difficult to hear or understand play-by-play during games or lyrics to songs during concerts.”
“…a significant noise development issue in our Foyer space…was negatively impacting our congregation’s comfort and ability to communicate with one another.”
“Our new gymnasium facility suffered from poor acoustics, and had a negative impact on the function of the space, and therefore impacted the Centre’s effectiveness serving the community.”

Our Experience

From design to installation, Resolve has the experience.


Our design staff have worked on hundreds of projects across Canada where project performance expectations range from basic small room acoustics to highly technical production theatres, to speech privacy requirements in security facilities.  Experience in industry standard modelling software including EASE, Modeler, INSUL, and more provide the knowledge and expertise to deliver objective, data driven results.  We ensure each client gets what they need. Anyone can sell you a bill of goods. Resolve Acoustics will provide you with a guaranteed solution.


No two rooms are alike, and each installation presents unique installation and accessibility requirements.  Resolves production team has literally done it all – specialty metal fabrication, wood material assembly and finishing, custom painting, and materials handling.  Production staff carry a range of certifications for equipment operation, fall arrest, and safety programs.  We’ve even been known to hang upside down from the ceiling from time to time to get our work done with SPRAT certified rope access technicians.  No job is too complicated or complex.

Safety First. In all we do.

The suppliers and products that we use are safe, meeting Canada’s CAN/ULC S102 building code standards for smoke development and flame spread. Most products are available using No-Added-Formaldehyde fill, which ensures no off-gassing or environmental concerns for your patrons and guests.

How We Engage in Your Project

It matters.

Directly with Facility Owners

Many of Resolves projects involve working directly with facility owners and managers to assess and develop solutions to their unique project requirements and challenges. We equip our clients with the information and knowledge to make informed decisions to realize project success.

Construction Projects

Creative, efficient workflows and industry experience, coupled with key manufacturing partners enables Resolve Acoustics to deliver large facility projects on time, and on budget. Working with general contractors and finishing trades we bring value to the project by addressing acoustical needs for IPD, design-build, and bid-build projects alike.

Where you work.

Office spaces

Meeting/Conference Rooms

Council Chambers



Where you play.


Recreation Centres

Aquatics Spaces


Fitness centres

Where you learn.

Presentation and Lecture Theatres

In-person Classrooms

Common Gathering areas

LAB Spaces

Hybrid Virtual Classroom Facilities

Where you gather.

Production Theatres

Houses of Worship

Flex Spaces


Community Centres

Our Client’s Praise

Here is what our clients have to say about Resolve Acoustics…

“We approached Resolve Acoustics with a significant noise development issue in our Foyer space that was negatively impacting our congregation’s comfort and ability to communicate with one another.  The Resolve team brought a creative solution to us which fit within our budget. We received excellent communication throughout the whole process, and needs we didn’t know we necessarily had were anticipated along the way. The wall paneling installation was completed on time, and was very effective in achieving our desired goal.  We have received many comments on how effective the acoustical treatment is.  As a bonus, the final design makes our Foyer space look great!

“I would highly recommend Resolve Acoustics as a knowledgeable and reliable Acoustic solutions provider.”

Mark Blackburn, GraceLife Church of Edmonton

“On behalf of the Town of Blackfalds, I would like to convey our sincere appreciation to Resolve Acoustics Inc. for the addition of acoustics panels to our hockey arena at the Eagle Builders Centre.

“Resolve Acoustics Inc. delivered high quality noise reduction panels and professional workmanship throughout the entire process. Prior to the installation, it was difficult to hear or understand play-byplay during games or lyrics to songs during concerts. With the help of Resolve Acoustics Inc., we were able to fix the problem, improving the experience for fans and allowing us to be more confident when booking future events. Recognizing the challenges associated with our deadlines, the project was still safely completed in a reasonable time frame by their workers. We appreciated their communication with us, bringing forward potential issues and viable solutions to the management team.

“We appreciate the understanding and commitment of Resolve Acoustics Inc. to our community. Based on our experience with Resolve Acoustics Inc., we would highly recommend them for any project.”

Rick Kreklewich, Director of Community Services, Town of Blackfalds

“The Bezanson Community Event Centre is the hub of the Bezanson community.  The Centre hosts numerous functions and events and encourages social and family interaction within this rural area.

“It serves to create sustainability, growth, and fosters community development for the area.  Our new gymnasium facility suffered from poor acoustics, and had a negative impact on the function of the space, and therefore impacted the Centre’s effectiveness serving the community.

“The initial onsite acoustical evaluation and modeling Resolve provided was a vital component to the proposed sound treatment options available to us.  This modeling and reporting provided the Bezanson Ag Society directors confidence with the decision to proceed with the installation of the acoustical treatments recommended.

“The installation of the acoustic materials by Resolve Acoustics Inc. has increased the options and opportunities that can be hosted within the gymnasium at the Centre.  There was an immediate difference in sound which was evident during the recent sporting tournaments and recreation events as well as a re-opening community event that was highly successful.  The comments from the participants as well as the performing band were fabulous.  The acoustics were instrumental in ensuring a successful event.  The Centre now has a relevant role to play in a future major event that will be vital to Northern Alberta.  This is significant to the future of the facilities, organizations and the community with sustainability and growth.

“The Resolve team were great to work with.  Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, the project was a success.  This is a great success for the Bezanson Ag Society as it continues to strive with offering great facilities for the success of all events for the participants and user groups.

“Thank you, Resolve Acoustics Inc. for the opportunity to work with you and achieve the expected results vital to the sustainability of the Bezanson community and area.”

Audrey Hewings, Executive Director, Bezanson Agricultural Society

Let’s Get Started

Sound can’t be seen or touched. And naming the intangible problem as “noise” or “echoes” is not a reliable diagnosis. When you do so, you rely upon chance and circumstance to tame and harness the sound in your space. Such an approach will inevitably lead to sub-par results, ongoing frustration, lengthy delays, and costly corrections.

Resolve Acoustics eliminates the guesswork and “voodoo.” We harness diagnostic and design tools, the laws of physics, aesthetic design, extensive real-world experience, and the broad array of acoustic materials available to deliver no-nonsense end-to-end solutions for noise control. We will equip you with the information and knowledge to make informed decisions. And then, we will skillfully implement your desired resolution. Approach your project confidently, knowing we will do it the right way the first time.

We will make your space sound as good as it looks.

Specializing in Commercial Facilities where occupant comfort, communication quality, and visual appeal matters.